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Saurabh Sawant's Eyeview of the Animal Kingdom

Viper In The Jungle

Malabar pit vipers are venomous, arboreal vipers with heat-sensing pits, which help them detect prey, making them successful nocturnal hunters. They’re found in the hill forests of the Western Ghats on bushes, trees or rocks often near streams. They are more commonly seen in dense moist forests like Agumbe where this image was taken.

This image was taken with a Canon EOS 400D & Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 with pop-up flash to provide extra light on the subject especially in low light conditions of the dense forest and the camera was set on a tripod considering that these snakes hardly move, which allows a slow shutter speed to capture the forest around as well, which is an essential element for depicting the habitat of a species.

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