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Saurabh Sawant's Eyeview of the Animal Kingdom

Mating On Emergence

The Atlas moth is the largest moth in the world. In its adult stage that lasts only for a few days, it lacks feeding mouthparts and its only objective is to mate. The energy the caterpillar gains feeding on its host plants is the only source of energy in its adulthood. The caterpillar’s papery cocoon is curled inside dry leaves merging with its habitat. This image was taken when an individual had just emerged from its pupa and got lucky with a mate even before it started flying. This happens due to an extremely sensitive ability to detect pheromones (hormones released by other sexually mature individuals) from long distances, sometimes as long as a few kilometres in some species.

Image taken in Sanjay Gandhi National Park with Canon EOS 400D & Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

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