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Big Cat Tales

Big Cat Tales

Aditya Singh’s love for the big cats is quite evident, and he manages to capture the stunning felines in equally stunning frames. Marvel at the big cats, from the most exciting places in Asia and Africa, here in Aditya’s gallery.

The Chase

T 19’s three cubs were over a year old when they started hunting on their own. One summer evening we saw two of them chasing a herd of sambar deer in a particularly woody area of Ranthambhore, a prey that was too big for the young tigers to handle. The deer got away easily, but as the last of the deer came out of the woods, the third cub, which was waiting at the edge of the woods in ambush, charged out and missed catching the deer due to her inexperience.

EXIF: NIKON D4S, Focal Length–220mm, Aperture–f/4.5, Shutter Speed-1/3200 sec, ISO-3200

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