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On Shiva’s Trail

On Shiva's Trail

It’s impossible to slot Shivaram Subramaniam (Shiva) under any one genre of photography. And notably, he doesn’t want to get slotted. He goes where his heart takes him, and photographs only what interests him. He travels extensively to some of the most beautiful of nature’s paradises on Earth. This love for nature and its spectacles is put on display through his breathtaking imagery. Revel in these wonders as seen through the eyes of Shiva.

Corvid Trouble

It was a cold January morning and as I was leaving Bharatpur for Leh, I suddenly saw this Egyptian vulture troubled by the crows and stopped to take a few shots using the car window as support.

EXIF : Nikon D4

Focal Length - 600mm

Aperture - f/4

Shutter Speed- 1/3200 sec.


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