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Yogendra’s Inexpensive Macro Tactics

Macro Photography

As macro photography enthusiasts, every now and then we come across stunning macro shots,with finer details so well showcased, that we are left wonder struck and with the strong urge to make such images ourselves. However, the expensive equipment used by professionals almost always intimidate and deflate our ambitions. But there is an affordable way out. Take a look at these stunning macro shots within this gallery. Ace macro photographer Yogendra Joshi uses some tactics so cheap and simple, you will want to get down to employing them right away, and guess what, you can! Read and view on.

Reclining Mayfly

I found this Mayfly around my building and it was completely still, not flying or moving. I placed an orchid I had at home behind it and took the shots making sure I was perfectly parallel to its body so that I could maximize the depth of field. I feel the purple flower brings out the golden-yellow color of the insect very well. I look for such interesting backgrounds to make the shots more pleasing and memorable.

Taken with Canon 550D + Sigma 70-300 + Raynox. I used pop-up flash and home-made diffuser to get the light right.

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