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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2014


Cat Nation: India has the highest diversity of wild cats in the world and is home to 15 of the world’s 40 felid species, including the enigmatic snow leopard Panthera uncia! After a decade of wandering the cold wildernesses of Spiti and Ladakh in futile search of this Grey Ghost, Lady Luck finally smiled down upon the photographer. On a frigid March day in Kibber, he sighted not one, not two, but three snow leopards as they patrolled their icy domain.

LOCATION: Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

DETAILS: Camera: Canon Powershot SX50 HS, Lens: Inbuilt, Aperture: f/8, Shutter speed: 1/1000 sec., ISO: 200, Focal length: 215 mm.

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