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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2014


Diminutive Hunter: Completely absorbed in devouring a grasshopper, this tiny Indian gerbil Tatera indica settled down to its meal smack bang in the middle of the road to the Kudremukh National Park in Karnataka. The photographer lay flat on the tarmac to get this image of the oblivious rodent and waited until it was safely off the road before carrying on, along his journey. Though widely distributed and not threatened, it’s rare to spot these little ones out in the open.

LOCATION: Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka

DETAILS: Camera: Canon EOS 550D, Lens: Sigma 150-500 mm. f/5-6.3, Aperture: f/6.3, Shutter speed: 1/125, ISO: 400, Focal length: 500 mm.

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