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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Swaroop Singha Roy

Baleful Gaze: In this beautifully-framed image, an Indian grey wolf Canis lupus pallipes arrests you with its lupine gaze. The photographer was driving through Odisha’s Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary when he saw what he thought was a dog cross the road. Moving closer, it dawned on him that the animal was actually an Indian wolf! The canid disappeared into the undergrowth but reappeared further down the road just a few minutes later, giving him the chance to take this picture. Persecuted through much of its range, wolves in India show a declining population trend.

LOCATION: Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha

DETAILS: Camera: Canon EOS 1000D, Lens: Canon EF-S 55-250mm 4.5-5.6 IS-II, Aperture: f/5.6, Shutter speed: 1/20 sec., ISO: 400, Focal length: 232 mm.

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