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The Tadoba Inheritance Contest Winners

Croc Action

Special Mention: Bharat Goel

Most tourists visit Tadoba to get some tiger action. However, when a tourist guide accompanying a group clamouring for a tiger informed the photographer about this crocodile in the process of swallowing a chital on the banks of the Tadoba lake, he rushed to the spot almost a kilometer away. In Goel’s words: “It took me around five minutes and I had my heart in my mouth throughout. It is moments like these that Tadoba unexpectedly presents that make it a world-class reserve.”

Details – Camera: Canon EOS 7D, Lens: Canon EF 400 mm. f/2.8L IS USM + 1.4x, Focal Length: 560 mm., ISO: 200, Shutter Speed: 1/125sec, Aperture: f/7.1

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