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The Tadoba Inheritance Contest Winners

Motherly Instinct

Special Mention: Amit Rane

This unusual image of the Pandherpauni tigress holding a chital fawn with tenderness was taken at the Jamunbodi range. When the fawn tried to escape, the tigress nuzzled and lifted the fawn by the scruff of its neck, the way she might one of her own cubs. In Rane’s words: “The experience was one of the most touching moments of my wildlife photography career, where a predator and prey were in a single frame, exhibiting extremely unnatural behaviour. It seemed as if the motherly instincts of the tiger had come to the fore instead of her predatory instincts.”

Details – Camera: Nikon D800, Lens: Nikon 300 mm. f2.8 with 1.4x TC, Focal length: 420mm, ISO: 640, Shutter Speed: 1/1600sec, Aperture: f/4, Flash: No Flash

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