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The Tadoba Inheritance Contest Winners

Perfectly Camouflaged

Third Prize: Savio Sanches

Getting an opportunity to watch a tiger ambush, chase and kill a dhole is extremely rare. Unseasonal rains had killed any hope that the photographer had of seeing a tiger during a morning safari at Tadoba, as tigers are known to venture deep into the forest when it rains. The guide took them for one last round near the Tadoba lake, when the driver suddenly saw a tigress named P2, also known as Maya, in his rear-view mirror. In Sanches’ words, “The tigress was sitting perfectly camouflaged, flat on the forest floor, while the dholes were absolutely unaware of its presence. What followed was an unimaginable sequence of events, as we saw the tigress chase and kill one of the dholes.”

Details – Camera: Canon EOS 600D, Focal Length: 300 mm., ISO: 400, Shutter Speed: 1/500, Aperture: f/6

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