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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2013


SPECIAL MENTION: BAIJU PATIL – While photographing mating dragonflies near a small freshwater lake in Khultabad, near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, the photographer noticed this school of fairy shrimp Streptocephalus species, whose origins can be traced to ancient Gondwana. Found in pools and shallow ponds that dry up in summer, the eggs stay viable due to a hard coating that provides resistance to various external conditions, even in very dry soil on the tablelands of the plateau, and hatch soon after the first rains. The shrimp swim upside-down as can be seen in this image. Patil says the shrimp swam in shallow water in the early morning hours and moved to deeper, cooler waters later in the day. “The clear skies and bright sunlight allowed me to capture this image with a basic casing, without any strobes, or artificial lighting.”
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