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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2013


SPECIAL MENTION: DATTA MANWADKAR – It’s true! What you see here in all its splendour could quite correctly be called a small, flying dinosaur, though birders refer to it as a passerine! Related to carnivorous Jurassic dinosaurs, or theropods, including the Velociraptor (made infamous by Stephen Spielberg’s film, Jurassic Park) and the prehistoric Archaeopteryx, this exquisite male Asian Paradise-flycatcher was caught at Ganeshgudi, Dandeli, in the act of hawking insects on the wing. Its dark head, white body and long tail are part of an ancient evolutionary plan to win a rufous-coloured mate that is far less flamboyant, with a much shorter tail. Ironically, the exaggerated tail places the male in harm’s way since a predator could latch on to the long appendage and devour the proud owner.
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