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June 21-June27, 2013

Tala Zone by Abhijit Bhowmick

The four main zones of the Bandhavgarh National Park are Tala, Magdhi, Khitauli, and Panpatta. Tala is the richest zone in terms of biodiversity, and has a tiger population. Together, these four ranges comprise the core of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, constituting a total area of 694 km².

The spectacular panorama of grasslands in Bandhavgarh unfolds here. The steep hills add to the amazing landscape. Large stretches of marshy grassland can be seen along the banks of the River Charanganga.

Bandhavgarh contains 37 species of mammals, with the tiger at the apex of the food chain. According to forest officials, there are more than 250 species of birds, about 80 species of butterflies, and a number of reptiles. Many people have the species list, and photographs, of the roughly 350 bird species found here. The richness and tranquility of the grasslands invites pairs of Sarus Cranes to breed in the rainy season.

Sambar and barking deer are a common sight, and nilgai are to be seen in the open areas of the park. There have been reports of the Indian Wolf (Canis lupus indica), hyena, and the caracal. The latter dwells in open landscapes. The tiger reserve abounds with cheetal or spotted deer (Axis axis), the main prey animal of the tiger and the leopard (Panthera pardus). The Indian bison was reintroduced from Kanha.

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