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June 21-June27, 2013

Leopard by Zoheb Muqeem

This image of the leopard comes from Bera, Rajasthan.  Bera, located near the Jawai dam, is known for its fantastic sightings of leopards. It is about 150 kms south of Udaipur and the topography is dotted with hills of the Aravalli range. As is true in many other places in Rajasthan, the hills are populated with a fair number of leopards.

The hills are devoid of any significant prey except for peafowl and monkeys. Occasionally the leopards come down from the hills to pick up stray dogs, goats or small calfs from the nearby villages.

The villagers are primarily nomadic goatherds, and take their losses seriously. Since the leopard is not a part of any protected forest, the losses suffered by the goatherds are not reimbursed by the government. Retaliatory poisonings are a common occurrence.

Seen here on a bare hill, with euphorbia on one side, is the silhouette of a leopard against the blue sky.

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