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Winners Photography Awards 2008

Elephant by Tiger by S. P. Nagendra

Indian jungles conjure up images of elephants and tigers, but this remarkable composition reveals both these charismatic animals in one frame – as unusual and improbable a wildlife photograph as anyone might hope to see in the wild. The judges of the Sanctuary-RBS Wildlife Photography Awards 2008 were unanimous in their view that this photograph, shot in the icy waters of the Corbett Tiger Reserve’s Ramganga river, stood out from the hundreds that they painstakingly went through. Formidable mammals, the tiger and the elephant usually give each other a wide berth, but in this case the pachyderm had merely walked towards the river to drink, without noticing the swimming tiger. The photo was taken at the point when both became aware of each other. The tiger swam purposefully away from the elephant and, apart from an adrenaline rush, neither animal was worse for the encounter.
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