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Climate Change Photography Contest 2009

Dark Future

JOINT THIRD PRIZE: Girish K. B., March 2009 Thrissur, Kerala – Dark Future: India’s farmers are amongst the poorest in the world. And they are totally dependent on the monsoon, which is becoming more unpredictable by the year. Farmers must cope with too much, or too little rain; rain that falls early or late, or in the wrong places.  Rising temperatures and falling groundwater levels add to their woes. Soil erosion, high rates of soil moisture evaporation, leaching, increasing incidence of disease and pests are causing yields to drop. On top of this comes the tyranny of money lenders and seed cartels, whose grip gets tighter as the weather gets worse. As thousands of farmer suicides in India prove in more ways than one, climate change is a life-threatening event.
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