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Climate Change Photography Contest 2009

Colours of Death

JOINT SECOND PRIZE: Piyal Adhikari, July 2007, Kolkata – Colours of Death: A young boy casts a dark shadow on a highly-polluted sewer that, like innumerable others, empties large amounts of contaminated water into the river Ganges. Thousands die due to water-related diseases each year. When untreated agricultural and industrial waste empties into our water sources, it adds deadly pressure on human and wildlife populations. Access to clean water and sanitation is the basis of all life and water issues are destined to be at the centre of India’s development priorities. If we are unable to prevent the destruction and desecration of pure water sources, no one will have any hope whatsoever of delivering on the long-promised dream of roti, kapada and makaan (food, clothing and shelter).
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