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Climate Change Photography Contest 2009

The Big Flood

FIRST PRIZE: Anand Bakshi, May 2006, Mangalore – The Big Flood: Even as large waves forced several families near Ullal in Mangalore, Karnataka to evacuate their homes, India continues to vacillate. Delay in adapting to climate change will put millions in harm’s way. The next few decades will also change the very map of coastlines around the world. The frequency and intensity of storms will leave low-lying coastal areas extremely vulnerable. Apart from wind and water, the salinisation of aquifers and farms will force large numbers of coastal communities to migrate inwards, setting off a domino effect of deprivation and competition for scarce resources. This striking image is a poignant reminder of the dangerous times India is passing through and was unanimously selected as the first prize winner of the HP Climate Change Photography Contest 2009.
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