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Winners Photography Awards 2012


JOINT-THIRD PRIZE, ASHVIN TRIVEDI – ‘A Cloud of Pastors’ The coordinated aerobatic flocking display of birds has fascinated naturalists for centuries, and has often been compared to the shoaling conduct of fish. This incredibly graphic image reveals thousands of Rosy Starlings Sturnus roseus at daybreak at the Lakhota lake, Jamnagar, Gujarat. Ascending and descending in mesmerising waves, the large flock of birds, locally referred to as Vaiya, roost in public gardens in winter. They migrate to eastern Europe when the April heat sets in, only to return again in August. Birds ‘flock together’ as protection from predation and their formations are determined by a combination of separation to avoid crowding individuals next to them; alignment, which prompts individuals to take their heading from birds on their left or right; and cohesion, which leads them to steer in the direction of birds in their immediate vicinity.
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