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Winners Photography Awards 2012

Special Mention: HIRA PUNJABI – ‘Snack Time’

‘Snack Time’ This rare image of the frugivorous Nilgiri Wood Pigeon Columba elphinstonii, gorging on the fruits of the Caryota urens plant, was captured by talented wildlife photographer, Hira Punjabi. Found in the moist deciduous forests and sholas of the Western Ghats in southwestern India, these large pigeons are usually seen singly, in pairs or in small groups. Apart from fruits, berries and buds, they will readily take small snails and other easily obtainable food. Pigeons and many other frugivorous birds have secretions in their guts, which help the defecated seeds to germinate faster. Apart from this, such birds play an extremely important role in the process of seed dispersal.
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