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Winners Photography Awards 2012

Special Mention: UDYANRAO PAWAR – ‘Easy Riders’

‘Easy Riders’ This female gharial Gavialis gangeticus has been photographed protecting her hatchlings in the most effective way possible – by carrying them on her back. Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal river is one of the few remaining free?flowing rivers in India, where gharials are tenuously holding on to survival. These fish?eating reptiles will lay between 30 and 50 eggs in a hole in the dry months of March, April and May when shrinking rivers provide them with perfect sandy banks for nesting. The eggs hatch after 90 days and the mother will dig open the nest mound and carry the infants to the water. Other crocodilians carry their young in their mouths, an option that is denied to this ancient, narrow-mouthed survivor.
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