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Winners Photography Awards 2012


JOINT-THIRD PRIZE, SHYAM GHATE – ‘Elephantine Restraint’ This magical image captures elephant life in the Corbett National Park more effectively than the proverbial ‘thousand words’ ever could. The elephant Elephas maximus herd had paused hesitantly at the edge of the Ramganga river, unsure of whether to cross because of a vehicle stationed on the opposite bank. On a quiet hand signal from the photographer, who was in a vehicle on the same bank as the elephants, quite a distance from the elephant herd, the well-meaning driver on the opposite bank began reversing. The tactic backfired. The herd, with babies in tow, got spooked. One young female, in all the confusion, began charging the photographer’s jeep! What you see here is an effort by a more experienced matriarch to restrain the frightened female, using her trunk and her bulk to keep her with the herd. The dust, the lighting, the adrenaline, all combined to win this image a joint third prize.
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