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Winners Photography Awards 2012


‘The Kill’ The sequence was the work of two photographers whose credits are placed next to the images. The judges unanimously agreed that documenting the moment deserved recognition and awarded both photographers a Joint Special Mention for this sequence. When Himanshu Bagde and Indranil Paul visited a popular waterhole at the Tadoba?Andhari Tiger Reserve at the end of May this year, they did not anticipate a photography session beyond their wildest dreams. Watching a tiger soaking in a waterhole was excitement enough, but the arrival of a wild pig turned their evening safari into something that they could not possibly have scripted. After lying quietly, watching the pig walk closer and closer, the tiger leaped out at blurring speed, dodged the pig’s counterattacks and launched a successful kill strike. The struggle went on for a monumental two hours, until the young feline overpowered the mature wild pig, which could just as easily have disemboweled her.
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