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Winners Photography Awards 2012

Special Mention: INDRANIL PAUL – ‘The Kill’

‘The Kill’ This image was shot on May 31, 2012 in Pandharpauni at the Ambepat waterhole in the Tadoba range of the Tadoba?Andhari Tiger Reserve, the most memorable evening of photographer Indranil Paul’s life! Wild pigs are preferred prey for tigers, which often follow pig groups, picking them off one by one, but usually avoid mature males that are well equipped to gore even a tiger to death. This, however, was no deterrent to this ambitious sub?adult female tiger, which, unaided, sprang from the waterhole where she lay undetected by the massive pig, and attacked it head on. “I later learnt from a forest guard that it took two hours to finally kill the pig. I felt truly blessed to have witnessed this,” says Paul.
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