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Winners Photography Awards 2012

Special Mention: BHAVYA JOSHI – ‘It’s a Bird… It’s

‘It’s a Bird… It’s a Bee’ This blue?banded bee, captured in flight by Bhavya Joshi, is one of the few species of the tribe Amegilla that has metallic bands on its abdomen. Inhabiting both urban and wilderness habitats, bees are usually found in tropical and sub?tropical regions and are the subject of several ongoing studies because of their unique role in agriculture through ‘buzz pollination’. Clinging on to flowers and vibrating rapidly, bees shake out nectar and pollen from the bloom before flying on to their next perch. Joshi had to stalk this bee in his backyard for almost an hour before he was able to capture the image, as the subject barely hovered for a second or two above each bloom.
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