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Winners Photography Awards 2012


SECOND PRIZE, VINAYAK PARMAR – ‘Mirrored Drongo’ An avid birder, the photographer observed the behaviour of this Black Drongo Dicrurus macrocercus, for several days at a lake located 30 km. from Jamnagar, Gujarat. He then set up his tripod in the tall grasses at the edge of the lake and kept shooting images for hours on end, until he managed to get the one he was waiting for. In Parmar’s words: “I was lucky to press the shutter at the exact moment before the drongo actually skimmed the water. The concentration in its eyes, the position of its wings, its open gape poised to snap up an insect and, of course, that reflection, all worked in tandem to gift me my perfect shot.” And so say all of us!
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