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Winners Photography Awards 2012


FIRST PRIZE, SUDHIR SHIVRAM – ‘Leopard Slumber’ The photographer spotted this leopard Panthera pardus with its kill up on the branches of a tree, the evening before this image was captured. Leopards across the world tend to drag their kills up trees to evade more powerful predators such as tigers, or packs of wild dogs.  The photographer managed to capture some frames and then returned the next day to find the graceful, and full-stomached feline on the same perch, basking in the warm glow of the morning sun. Sanctuary’s judges unanimously agreed that the mood, lighting and the ‘moment’ merited Sudhir Shivram’s nomination as Sanctuary’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012. Postscript: The sated leopard rested on its towering perch for 12 hours before disappearing into its emerald abode in the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nagarahole, Karnataka.
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