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Nominees Photography Awards 2012

MUKESH ACHARYA – ‘The Hunter Hunted’

‘The Hunter Hunted’ Walking near the Kadana dam in the Jambughoda Sanctuary near Baroda, the photographer stopped to take a picture of a butterfly on a Calotropis bush. A closer look revealed a brilliantlycamouflaged praying mantis, eyeing the butterfly. That is when a nearly imperceptible movement on the stalk of the plant revealed the lead player in the drama that was about to unfold. It was an Indian chameleon Chamaeleo zeylanicus. In the split second before the mantis was able to strike at its target, the chameleon struck. The photographer, who expected a static shot of a mantis watching its prey, was able to capture the exact moment that the chameleon’s tongue grasped its prey. The butterfly lived to see another day.
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