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November 17-23, 2012

Asian Paradise Flycatcher by Sharad Agarwal

The Asian Paradise FlycatcherTerpsiphone paradisi is a medium-sized passerine bird native to Asia. Males have elongated central tail feathers generally white, but rufous forms are also seen. Females are short-tailed with rufous wings and a black head. Young males are rufous and have short tails. They acquire long tails in their second or third year. Adult males are either predominantly bright rufous above or predominantly white. Some specimens show some degree of intermediacy between rufous and white. Long-tailed rufous birds are generally devoid of shaft streaks on the wing and tail feathers, while in white birds the shaft streaks, and sometimes the edges of the wing and tail feathers are black.They feed on insects, which they capture in the air often below a densely canopied tree.
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