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Saving Tigers Today For A Secure Future Tomorrow

At the turn of the last century, there were 40,000 tigers that roamed across India in the wild. Today, this numbers stands close to 2,500. To mark the occasion of Tiger Day (29th July), Amit Sankhala, grandson of Kailash Sankhala, releases his new documentary Tigerland and this note on the current state of affairs.

Dulu Bora

Dulu BoraDulu Bora is a key member of the Green Guard Nature Organisation based in Assam. He works in the tiger and elephant hill forests of Karbi Anglong, south of the Kaziranga National Park. 

Aditya Chandra Panda

Aditya PandaWhile most children his age were occupied with video games, parties and urban pleasures, Aditya Panda accompanied his grandfather through the wilds of Orissa.

Kishor Rithe

Kishor RitheA computer engineer, Kishor Rithe gave up his secure lecturer’s job at an engineering college to work full-time on the one mission that drives his purpose – wildlife conservation.

D.V. Girish

D.V. GirishD.V. Girish is a naturalist and defender of wildlife. He has played a crucial role in safeguarding the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and its tigers.

The Kerkars

Rajendra and Pournima KerkarRajendra Kerkar and his wife Pournima work as a team and have given a new lease on life to tigers in Goa, a state that for several years was in denial… claiming “there are no tigers in Goa,” because the mining…

Roheet Karoo

Roheet KarooRoheet Karoo is a gift to tomorrow’s tigers, particularly in the Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary area. Driven by the need to reclaim barren lands and restore them to forest status, he says he is haunted by the gruesome image of the dead tiger he saw outside…

Wildlife First

Praveen BharghavWildlife First works as a team. It is one of India’s most effective wildlife conservation organisations, which is making a physical difference to tigers on the ground.

Mohammed Saleem

Mohammed SaleemMohammed Saleem has dedicated himself to the proposition that the tiger must be kept safe and alive in Kerala’s Silent Valley.

Tiger Defenders: Poonam And Harshawardhan Dhanwatey Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Poonam and Harsh DhanwateyPoonam and Harshawardhan Dhanwatey are among the Tadoba Tiger Reserve’s most dedicated defenders. They turned a seven acre failed farm into a forest that now partially supports two tiger families with cubs, plus wild…