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Tomorrow’s Environmental Stewards

Effecting ecological sanity and a gentler world is only possible by sensitising the next generation to nature, opines Miel Sahgal.

I, Primate

Miel Sahgal shares thoughts for teachers and parents on the role of outdoors in raising the human child.

Little Primates

Miel Sahgal reflects on the role of teachers and parents in raising the next generation.

How Can We Manage A Resource We Don't Understand?

When John Rowell moved to India in 2012, he had a limited understanding of ‘water problems’. A chance encounter with a member of the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences led him on a six month journey to better understand our most precious resource.

Sentient Beings Or Shooting Targets?

Wildlife-human conflict is a major issue in rural India, with nilgai, wild boar, and even gaur being declared as vermin in various states. Nimesh Ved ponders whether the culling of ‘problem’ wild species is an effective solution.

All Woman, All Wild

Writer-conservationist Neha Sinha on how she was shamed for being a woman in the forests, and why it’s time that men need to come to terms with women making a mark in the field of wildlife conservation.

Rapping Her Protest

Sofia Ashraf’s rap music video ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ went viral on social media for its brave stance in asking Unilever to take accountability for the toxic mercury contamination from its erstwhile factory in Kodaikanal. Youthrise’s Ananda B. Pandit spoke to Sofia about the issue, her experience creating the video and how Youthrise’s member base can help.

All Is Not Well! At The Top Of The World

Once shy and receding, Ladakh’s marmots have undergone a personality change. Sujatha Padmanabhan explains why this is less than reassuring.

The Wild Nature Of Nature Tourism

TOFTigers’ visionary founder Julian Matthews delineates ways to prevent India’s wildlife travel boom from going bust.

Notes From A Backcountry Wanderer

Mountaineer Karn Kowshik gives voice to the concerns of the outdoor community, while recognising everyone’s right to experience the joys of the wild.

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