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On Ruffling Feathers

When it comes to eating animals, is the question no longer whether it’s ‘natural’, but whether it is ‘justifiable’? asks Tara Sahgal, Editor-in-chief Sanctuary Cub magazine. Citing quotes, reports, anecdotes and arguments from the likes of Kafka, Dawkins and DiCaprio, she makes her case for vegetarianism in an era of climate change.

Bahar Dutt – Lessons Learned

A defining moment in my career was reporting on an illegal mine operating on forest land in Goa and facing a life-threatening situation, which I walked into without realising! The mining mafia blocked our way, then got the cops to slap a trespassing case on us. They would not let us go till we handed over our tapes, and tried to intimidate us. I did give them tapes – blank ones – and walked away unscathed!

Bano Haralu – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

In October 2012, stark photographic and video evidence of fishermen training their fishing nets to the sky to trap thousands of migratory Amur Falcons stunned the world of conservation. With three others, I was able to document this ‘dark harvest’ around the Doyang Reservoir in Nagaland’s Wokha district. On that trip we estimated 1,40,000 birds being exterminated between October and early December every year.…

Dia Mirza – Nurture Nature

Discovering myself through the wonders of nature is possibly the best gift my parents and school could give me.

Divya Mudappa – Restoring The Fabric

Heading outdoors, into forests, among animals of all sorts was always something I found irresistible. Still, it was not until I entered college to study zoology that I learnt that wildlife science and field studies were not only a career option, but something more than that. After my Bachelors degree, I pursued a Masters in Ecology and then joined the Wildlife Institute of India to work on field projects, learn from…

Pamela Gale Malhotra – The Dream

A house on a hill overlooking a pond with a river flowing past through a wooded valley filled with wildlife and surrounded by white capped mountains – this was the prophetic dream, so exact in details that I drew a picture of it – a picture of the sanctuary we were meant to create.

Rita Banerji – No Set Ways

Sitting alone with a camera for hours, in the middle of a wild grassy patch atop a little knoll, filming hundreds of Amur Falcons taking turns to fly in amazing formation above you, and landing on the wires.... nothing can take away the peace, the silence, the magic of that moment.

Dr. Vidya Athreya – Changing Perspectives, Finding Pride

When I started working in 2004, my own ideas of where wild animals should be and what they should be doing were very different from what I went on to discover. My idea of what was ‘conflict’ has since changed; simple livestock loss is not conflict as it is part of overall damage that farmers incur, and is often miniscule compared to other problems such as disease and theft. As wildlife biologists, we focus only…

Nature’s Business: Quieting The Cleverness

From the Galapagos to the Amazon, Biomimicry Communicator Anjan Prakash travels the world to be inspired by Nature’s designs. In this 10-part column, Nature’s Business, she shares her adventures and learnings.

Sanctuary Asia Editor's Response To The Rebuttal Of The October 2016 Cover Story 'Treacherous Links'

The article by Nicole Benjamin Fink, a highly-regarded researcher, who has worked with various cultures and conservation challenges for the past 16 years, has evoked a response

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