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Vandana Shiva

An indomitable force behind biodiversity conservation, including the agri-environmental revolution, eco-feminism and the fight against genetically modified foods in India, Vandana Shiva has been working tirelessly for the welfare of India’s farmers and conservation of indigenous seed varieties.

Rohit Choudhury

Putting the Right to Information (RTI) Act to best possible use, Rohit Choudhury courageously takes on big guns against environmentally destructive developmental projects in ecologically sensitive zones in Kaziranga, Manas and other biodiverse landscapes.

Imran Siddiqui

Tenacious, scientific and solid in his approach towards the conservation of tigers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Imran Siddiqui is helping give the tiger and its habitat a better lease on life.

Iho Mitapo

Young Iho Mitapo’s intuitive knowledge of his homeland, plus his tireless commitment and entrepreneurial spirit belie his age. He is a dogged defender of the biodiversity of the Dibang Valley, which he seeks to safeguard from unruly tourism gone wrong and from the callous attitudes of...

Govardhan Meena

Govardhan Meena’s incredible work speaks for itself and has resulted in more tiger-tolerant villagers, inspired children and defused conflicts in and around the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. He works at the grassroot level in the largely-ignored periphery of the park with both Forest Department...

Puja Mitra

Bringing the issue of unethical marine tourism to the forefront, Puja Mitra founded Terra Conscious to change the unregulated dolphin tourism industry in Goa. This she is achieving by bringing together ethical local boat operators and increasing awareness among tourists.

Maitreya Sukumar

Maitreya Sukumar is all of 15-years-old, but his passion for birds and obsession to absorb as much natural history knowledge as possible, has caught the attention of experts, who agree he is a prodigy, a vital ornithologist in the making.

Nikita Pimple

“I want to leave better children for the planet, not just a better planet for our children,” says Nikita Pimple. Wildlife is part and parcel of the curriculum of the Rishi Valmiki Eco School, Mumbai, which she co-founded and this has had an astounding influence on her students who are...

Special Sanctuary Tiger Awards 2017

Rajveer Singh is an unsung hero who has spent 26 years in service of protecting Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park. He has played a pivotal role in helping the Forest Department arrest some of the most notorious poachers operating in and around the park.

Tongam Rina And The Arunachal Times

Tongam Rina was shot outside her office in 2012 in a bid to silence her. Known for her incisive writing, Tongam has reported on issues concerning the environment, illegal activities in the name of development and has become the voice of dissent.

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