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Bamera’s Day Out

Sighting one of the most photographed tigers of Bandhavgarh, now in his twilight years, was a long-standing dream that materialised, albeit in unfortunate circumstances, writes Kartikeya Sharma.

The Green Teachers Of Gundrai

On August 8, 2015, I met the Kushwaha family in Gundrai village, Tikamgarh district, Madhya Pradesh, with whom I was to stay for six weeks as part of a rural development project.

Sacred Tigers And The Farmers Who Worship Them

Around Umred-Karhandla, the satellite core of the Bor Tiger Reserve, farming communities have started to worship the tiger, instead of the bullock, as their ‘annadatta’.

Ramble On

To love wildlife, is to love travel.

We admit that we have no scientific data to back this claim, and the lack of empirical evidence may put this in question. Yet we are willing to wager that every nature enthusiast you know spends at least some part of their day dreaming about their next foray into the wild.

Mountain Musings

A World Heritage Site, the Great Himalayan National Park has adventures on offer for those willing to venture forth. Nimesh Ved finds peace as he leaves behind footprints, but brings back memories.

Travelling Wild

As more of us seek creature comforts while outdoors, Vivek Menon reminisces about three travels he undertook to explain what it truly means to be in the wild.

Garden Of The Gods

A group of the country’s most intrepid birders find themselves encountering ‘lifers’ in Arunachal Pradesh’s Mishmi Hills. Panchami Manoo Ukil takes us along the expedition.

Searching For Arcadia – Private Nature Reserves and The Promise That They Hold

From the Himalaya to the Western Ghats, a smattering of private sanctuaries and reserves are transforming conservation strategies. Cara Tejpal takes a walk in the woods, and suggests you do the same.

In The Bag

Getting geared to dabble in wildlife photography? Take a look inside Ramki Sreenivasan’s camera bag.

Pench – Land Of The Vultures

Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR) is known for numberable things, chiefly its incredible landscape. The Pench river divides the reserve into two ranges and has served the wilderness for many years. Prajakta tells us how she sees vultures thriving here.

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