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Dampa – Walking In A Tiger Forest

The best way to get to know a wild place is to walk the landscape. Nimesh Ved shares memorable moments from treks in Mizoram’s Dampa, one of India’s most fascinating, and fragile, tiger reserves.

Nature And Nurture

This World Environment Day, as we discuss a myriad ways to leave a better planet for our children, Miel Sahgal addresses the importance of leaving better children for our planet.

E-Base – Creating Environment Leaders Of Tomorrow

Determined to create environmental leaders for tomorrow, the Conservation Wildlands Trust honed in on the Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, where village children are being groomed to care for their natural heritage at an Education-Base launched two years ago by the celebrated Antarctic explorer Robert Swan.

Pangolins In Trouble

B.K. Sharma, of the Indian Police Service presents Sanctuary readers with a dire account of the ongoing, large-scale killing of pangolins and the illegal trade in their scales to feed the demand for traditional medicines in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and other eastern nations.

Sri Lanka – The Emerald Isle

Surgeon Rear Admiral Lalith Ekanayake is among Sri Lanka’s best-known wildlife photographers. His images have won numerous awards and prizes, including first prize in the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2013. He is the author of two books, The Untamed Road: A Visual Miscellany of the Sri Lankan Wilderness (2010) and Animal Verses: The Unseen Wilderness of Sri Lanka (2013).…

Climbing Mount Kanamo

Rashmi Singh trekked up Mount Kanamo, the third- highest peak in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. After reaching the peak at 5.964 m., she felt both accomplished and blessed to be treated to the unique vistas of snow and forested beauty.

Pilgrimage With A Difference

Anisha Jayadevan was a participant in a baseline survey in Uttarakhand – the Great Himalayan Bird Count – and says it was a humbling experience to watch and document the feathered inhabitants of Garhwal while being surrounded by a dramatic landscape of rivers, towering mountains and quaint villages.

The Clouds Of Hope

Dr. Anish Andheria writes about the staggering Amur Falcon migration spectacle in Nagaland and how concerted efforts over a year have helped to stem their slaughter.

Borneo's Pygmy Elephants

It was hot and extremely humid that day. Sudirman and Fendy were sitting patiently under the sun, waiting for the elephants to emerge from the tiny, pocketed forest of Lower Kinabatangan to drink and perhaps bathe in the Kinabatangan river. With almost eight years of experience following and observing these elephants, Sudirman and Fendy could now confidently predict the pattern of elephant activities.

The First Swim

I woke up to the call of the alarm at 4:30 a.m. and immediately began preparing for a trip to the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary at Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Visiting this wildlife sanctuary is a routine part of my official duties, but today’s visit was special. I was going to witness a rare natural history event: newborn gharials in the wild!

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