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Notes From A ‘Bubophile’

Eurasian Eagle Owl or Indian Eagle Owl? ‘Bubophile’ M. Eric Ramanujam helps Sanctuary readers figure out what sets the two apart.

Seeing Red – Striking Colour In Coral Snakes And Their Possible Mimics, Kukri Snakes

Little is known about the flamboyant coral snakes found in India, or about the many snake species that mimic these venomous reptiles. V. Deepak delves into their world and shares with us some fascinating insights.

Parambikulam – Subaltern Sanctuary To Sanctum Sanctorum

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in ‘God’s Own Country’ exemplifies the best of a thriving Western Ghats ecosystem, writes Vivek Menon.

Becoming A Mountain – Himalayan Journeys In Search Of The Sacred And The Sublime

Soon after a vicious assault left him and his wife on the threshold of death, writer Stephen Alter found himself struggling with questions of identity and belonging in the land of his birth. To heal his battered body and soul, Alter set out on a series of treks through the high Himalaya, a journey that is chronicled lyrically in Becoming A Mountain. Here, he allows Sanctuary Asia

Birding In Heaven

There exists a little-known birders heaven in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Heaven because, of the 10,000-odd bird species in the world, over 1,300 are found in India and of these, Himachal hosts some 600. I am hesitant to reveal the exact location for fear that marauding hordes will descend upon it and destroy its peace. What I am happy to share with Sanctuary readers is that it is a small hamlet…

The Pathless Woods

WWF-India’s Sonali Nandrajog revels in the splendour of the mountains as she hikes to the Thinni meadow in the breathtaking Great Himalayan National Park.

Shark Gods – Seeing Is Believing

Scuba instructor and Executive Director of ReefWatch Marine Conservation, Nayantara Jain pays eloquent homage to the ocean’s apex predators while gently reminding the world that sharks are worth far more alive than dead.

Spiti – In the Land Of The Grey Ghost

Ajith Devakumar visits Spiti in its whitest splendour hoping to lay eyes on one of the most mysterious animals on the planet, the snow leopard. Though he fails to sight one, he has other magical experiences and vows to return for more.

The Humble Barnacle

Anjana Manjunath saw goose barnacles on a Goan beach, which had entrusted their survival to a plastic bottle to which they had attached themselves and ponders the fate of marine life, now at the mercy of humans.

Wild Walk In Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve

One of the least-known forest wonders of India has to be the Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve, a biodiverse wilderness that stretches over 800 sq. km. in Uttar Karnataka. In 2009, young Adithi Muralidhar volunteered to be part of the field surveys seeking to estimate the tiger-prey densities here, and shares with Sanctuary readers, a novice’s fascination for all things wild.

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