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The Skunk

March 2012: It flashes its sharp teeth, hisses and growls and stamps its front feet on the ground. Then it lifts its long, bushy tail, turns its rear end around and sprays a fine mist of stinging liquid ‘musk’, which the recipient will smell for days! Yes, if threatened, that is how a skunk will respond. The word ‘skunk’ is derived from a native American word that means “one who sprays.”

The Three-Toed Sloth

January 2012: Did you know that the three-toed sloth rests on an average for around 20 hours a day? Found in the jungles of South America, this super-slow mammal moves upside-down on trees at roughly 400 m. an hour. It even mates and gives birth on trees and the babies travel by hanging on their mothers.


November 2011: You can find beetles everywhere on the planet – from the equator to the polar regions, from deserts to mountains, from beaches to dark caves. Many beetle species stay hidden from view – either underground or inside plants and trees or under rocks.

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