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Post Sariska – Are Wild Tigers Secure Today?

Oliver Gayles/Sudarshan SharmaPost the Sariska and Panna debacles, several apparently positive steps have been initiated to save the tiger, but something is missing. India’s planners are not committed to protecting wild India.

Nature Needs Half – Leave Me Alone

India’s opportunity: to lead the world in recognising that Nature Needs Half

Earth Heroes – The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2013

Anne Wright’s CollectionThe challenges of the 21st century need a special breed of heroes... extraordinary individuals whose reservoirs of integrity, courage and wisdom are deeper than humanity has ever needed. Women and men that can rise above political…

Ten Ways To Save Elephants

R. KarthikVivek Menon, conservationist extraordinaire, Executive Director and CEO, Wildlife Trust of India, and Advisor, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), lists 10 ways to save the largest land animal on planet earth.

“Leave Me Alone” – The Voice Of The Tiger… Vignettes Of Tigerland

Varun N. ThakkarMore than half the world’s population now lives in urban landscapes that have been so altered in the image of Homo sapiens that all but the most adaptable of wild plants and animals have been wiped out here. National and international…

Troubled Dibru-Saikhowa

Photojournalist Shailendra Yashwant reports on how Assam’s Dibru-Saikhowa’s grassland and wetland habitat is being destroyed. 
Author: Shailendra Yashwant 

A Review Of Exotic Aliens – The Lion And Cheetah In India

By Valmik Thapar, Romila Thapar and Yusuf Ansari

My first reaction was “Impossible!” The very suggestion that lions and cheetahs might have been imported into India by humans relatively recently, and had not trotted across the land bridge from North Africa, through Iran and into India, was, to put it mildly, preposterous.

The Sanctuary Voices Of Reason Series

Jennifer ScarlottHomo sapiens is in a bind. Homo sapiens post-industrialis is sometimes a little concerned about the mess he has made of the planet, but would like to clean it up without changing the consumptive practices that created the mess…

The Sanctuary Voices of Reason Series

Courtesy:The Wild FoundationOne of the thought leaders who contributed to Sanctuary’s Voices of Reason Series, Vance G. Martin, President of the WILD Foundation, gets to the root of climate change and calls for greater action and…

The Sanctuary Voices Of Reason Series

Courtesy:www.350.0rgSanctuary’s Voices of Reason series highlights the very real threat of climate change, its causes and the rising need for mitigation and adaptation measures to battle the same. In this installment, Bill McKibben, the founder of…

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