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Is Realism Helpful?

Rapidly dwindling opportunities to act in time to end the Sixth Extinction and address the climate crisis leave many of us, myself included, torn between what we think is likely about the future and what we think is possible. A global gathering for the protection of life…

Mumbai’s Forgotten Shores – The Coastal Road

Sejal Mehta, member of Marine Life of Mumbai, highlights the city’s incredible marine biodiversity, now threatened by a development project that will also adversely affect the local fishing community.

Tribal Tigers: How A Shamanic Community Has Saved Tigers In The Dibang Valley Of Arunachal Pradesh

It was March 2012. I was in the Lower Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh conducting surveys for a renowned conservation organisation to determine tiger presence outside Protected Areas of Northeast India.

The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2018 – Celebrate Nature, Honour its Defenders

Each year, in the process of unearthing inspiring people who have been contributing to protecting our home - Planet Earth, we come across an incredibly diverse set of brave men and women – who do not let fear or uncertainty deter them. The Sanctuary Nature Foundation is honoured to recognise…

The Joy Of Nature

Underscoring the truth that nature will only be nurtured if ordinary people love, understand and respect it, Bittu Sahgal drums up a smattering of memories of days spent in kinship with wild nature. It is such experiences he believes that we need to expose young India to…

Selling The Family Silver? Are India’s Economists Eating Into Our Natural Capital And Calling It Economics?

Everyone agrees that India has been blessed by natural riches that gave birth to our civilisation and cultures. Here Neha Sinha writes that imprudent development ambitions authored by economists and planners today threatens more than just our heritage… a changing…

Daft National Forest Policy 2018?

On World Environment Day 2018 Lakshmy Raman and Bittu Sahgal ask that politicians, planners, activists and scientists join hands with long-suffering citizens to tackle the conjoined problems of biodiversity loss, climate change and the…

Earth Day – The Quiet Changemakers

Ordinary people can and will make a difference. In our cover story, we acknowledge the power of people’s movements across the globe... and we bring to you in their own words, the initiatives taken by ordinary citizens to make this planet a better place to live. As a great soul once rightly said,…

Bear Necessities – Reimagining Baloo Of Central India

Aniruddha Dhamorikar writes of the changing landscape for sloth bears in their Central Indian strongholds and offers glimpses of solutions to human-bear conflicts that could determine the future of the species.

The Good Fight – The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2017

What an exquisite world we live in. Everyone knows, of course, that our planet faces threats, but what is heartening is the manner in which large numbers of bravehearts have begun to look upon protecting the species and habitats around us not as some kind of charity, but as the very purpose…

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