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One Thai Citizen’s Plea To Authorities To Shut Down The Tiger Temple

One Thai Citizen’s Plea To Authorities To Shut Down The Tiger Temple

On February 15, 2016, Sanctuary Asia launched the Tiger Temple Takedown campaign to build awareness and spur action on the alleged neglect, abuse and illegal trade of tigers at Thailand’s Tiger Temple. Since then, individuals from countries across the world have written to Thai authorities demanding that they thoroughly investigate all allegations and protect the temple’s tigers. Amongst these campaigners is Rani, a Thai citizen and a Buddhist, who makes an impassioned plea to the country’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on the behalf of the temple’s tigers.

Dear General Surasak Karnjanarat,

As a Thai citizen, I am shocked to hear that the Tiger Temple, a gross embarrassment to my country and a corrupt and illegal business that has been allowed to flourish for decades, has now applied for a zoo license. I find it absolutely absurd that persons who have supposedly dedicated their lives to the Buddhist belief are allowed to display such greed and an open disregard for the laws of our country and the well being of the animals in their ‘care’.

As Minister of Natural Resources and Environment I urge you to reject the Tiger Temple's application for a zoo license! I am ashamed that these atrocities have been ignored for so long and the only solution is to shut this illegal business down, not to facilitate it through issuing a zoo license when there has been so much international attention and evidence brought forth proving the illegal activities this "temple" has been involved in.

Living in this country I am fully aware of the many ways in which the environment and animals are being shown complete disregard. Animals and natural resources have become a commodity; no one respects the laws that are meant to protect them and instead they are thoroughly abused for profits (I regularly see slow lorises, terrified little creatures, paraded around Pattaya's nightlife and the law enforcement does nothing). At the center of all this corruption, greed and abuse, which has cast a shadow over Thailand's reputation, is this Tiger Temple. What sets this illegal business apart from all the other animal abusing enterprises is the fact that it tries to hide behind a false mask of Buddhism, which is absolutely despicable. This should not be tolerated!Please help shut this horrible, wildlife trafficking, animal abusing and blatantly illegal business down! It is a stain on our beautiful country.

Please help us show the world that this is not what Thailand stands for, not what Thai Buddhism stands for, and now how we treat our environment or our animals.



*Rani’s last name has not been used in order to protect her privacy

Tigers deserve more than neglect, abuse and trafficking. Join Rani and hundreds of others in the #TigerTempleTakedown!


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February 17, 2016, 06:17 PM
 There are similar horror stories to be unearthed in the legion of Indian zoos that are suspected of shutting a blind eye to accusations that some of their employees are engaged in supplying wildlife contraband to the illegal trade. If you have any way of exposing such individuals/institutions, it is vital you do so. Every captive animal part that reaches the market, spurs demand for wild-caught/killed animals.
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