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Otters In Tiger Country

The Wildlife Conservation Trust’s discovery of Eurasian otters in central India underlines the importance of conserving large landscapes in the name of umbrella species.

Defending Paradise

Praveen Pardeshi gives insight into the struggle to secure Maharashtra’s forests, where tigers are expanding into newly-rejuvenated areas.

Dharti Rakshaks Of Melghat

Rizwan Mithawala, a conservation writer with the Wildlife Conservation Trust, shares the stories of four commendable forest guards who have dedicated their lives to protecting the tigers of their beloved Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Our Mother

Nikhil Devasar and Sheila Chhabra recall times when it was possible to see flamingos foraging by the Yamuna river in Delhi. Now the birds are long gone, and the once pristine river flowing through the capital city has been poisoned. But a resurrection is still possible, they say.

State Vs. Elephas Maximus

In June 2018, wildlife conservationist Prerna Singh Bindra filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court demanding the cessation of state-sponsored cruelty towards wild elephants by the Union of India. Cara Tejpal deconstructs this controversial legal battle.

Connecting Tigers Through Community Forests

Caught in the stifling heat of the terai plains of Nepal, Sheren Shrestha finds respite in the wildernesses of the Khata corridor. As he navigates the forest, guided by the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL)-Nepal programme team, he learns about the initiatives undertaken by the Nepal government and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to secure wild cat populations by protecting and resurrecting crucial wildlife…

The Hills Of Murugan

With nearly half a century of experience exploring the Palani Hills, Ian Lockwood presents Sanctuary readers with exquisite visuals depicting the grandeur of a threatened landscape that harbours one of India’s last wild montane grasslands.

The Kerala Floods: Will The Last Words Ever Spoken Be Why? Why? Why?

An independent photojournalist and Senior Advisor to the Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), Shailendra Yashwant lives in Idukki, the epicentre of the recent Kerala floods. He writes here of what happened, why and what we must do to avoid future floods. He also lauds the collective spirit of the people of Kerala and hopes the catastrophe will prove to be a turning point for the eco-fragile state,…

The Moyar Valley – Beautiful But Threatened

After several visits across two decades to a remarkable riverine forest ecosystem in Tamil Nadu, Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh marvels at its many miracles and suggests ways for a revival.

Protecting Our Protectors – Health Challenges Faced By India’s Frontline Forest Staff

Dr. Chetan (Chet) Trivedy and Rizwan Mithawala write about the Wildlife Conservation Trust’s efforts to mitigate traumatic accidents and emergencies that frontline forest staff must contend with while defending our wilds.

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