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Love In A Time Of Unrest

I love Dachigam winters. Over the past three decades I have visited this Kashmir forest multiple times, in every season. This image of a magnificent male hangul deer Cervus elaphus hanglu with his harem, taken by a fine young Kashmiri photographer, Intesar Suhail, brings back such poignant memories…

Silent Strength

If you travelled the world in search of this handsome wild monkey, you would be forced to come right back to the evergreen forests of south-west India’s Western Ghats to breathe the air it breathes. In fact, thousands of tourists do just that… come to special places in India…

Last And Final Call

First a disclosure... I adore frogs. All frogs, not just this exquisite Western Ghats Rhacophorus photographed by Sunil Sachi in a Chikmagalur coffee plantation.

Hunger Games

Time loses all meaning when I am in wild places, urban or rural. That chippy sound I’m hearing right now outside our ground-floor Mumbai home? It’s a Purple Sunbird Nectarinia asiatica doing what it does best… stealing nectar from flowers.

What A Wonderful World!

How stunning is this? One of Mumbai’s inveterate naturalists, Yogesh Chavan, found 42 (count them!) exquisitely arranged salmon Arab butterfly caterpillars on a single meswak leaf at the Bhandup Pumping Station next to Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Worthy Of Worship

Heaven knows all of us need happy stories… and we have one right here on this page. 

In Our Hands

The fingers clutching this tree branch in Valparai look startlingly familiar. Hold your own hand out. Now compare the shape, the nails, the joints… all fashioned by the same designer that gifted us our own grasping tools – nails and all.


None of the models that grace the catwalks of Paris, New York, or Milan come close to matching the grace of the felines that sashay elegantly through wild homes fashioned for them by nature. The catwalk you see here is a mile-long track in Uttar Pradesh’s terai, which the ancestors…

The Plain Truth

If we leave no space for elephants to live, nature will leave us no way to survive either, writes Sanctuary Asia editor Bittu Sahgal.

War Of The Worlds

The handsome bezoar ibex Capra aegagrus aegagrus is the wild ancestor of the domestic goat that has helped sustain pastoral communities across the globe for millennia.

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