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June 2012: Modelled along the lines of the British Citizen Science Programmes, Citizen Sparrow is an amazing new initiative in India. It works like this: people spend five minutes documenting the presence or absence of sparrows in localities they know well and then answer a simple questionnaire.


June 2012: Conservation India is definitely succeeding in its vision – facilitating wildlife and nature conservation by providing reliable information and the tools needed to campaign effectively – through its excellent website. With its clean and simple design, the homepage allows you to immediately find what you are looking for.


June 2012: Visit www.tigernation.org and you will immediately fall in love with the stunning design. The homepage is beautiful with an ever-changing background. Explore the site using its crisp and concise categorisation, Parks, Tigers and Features.


December 2011: The site describes itself as: a comprehensive set of online resources designed to raise public awareness and encourage debate about renewable energy technologies and dedicated to providing an open and comprehensive collection of discussions, information, media and news promoting the research and development of renewables.


December 2011: A useful site with extensive information on a variety of scientific topics, LiveScience is a well laid out, attractive website featuring a host of interesting articles. The homepage is cleanly divided into various sections with multiple links to each and some pleasant images.


December 2011: The DeSmogBlog is aimed at tackling global warming misinformation campaigns. Go here https://www.desmogblog.com/slamming-the-climate-skeptic-scam to read their manifesto which succinctly sums up the site’s rationale.


August 2011: One of the most comprehensive websites on global warming, CO2 Now - https://www.co2now.org/ - is an excellent resource for climate activists, students, journalists and researchers. The website takes hard scientific data and breaks it down for the average reader. The first thing you see…


August 2011: The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) website - https://www.seashepherd.org/ - is as bold and refreshing as the organisation itself. Designed using a dramatic combination of colours - red, black and white - with its easily recognisable pirate flag logo, the website commands…


August 2011:The website for the South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) - https://www.sandrp.in/ - is clear and concise. It's simple and easy-to-navigate design allows visitors to quickly access information about the network and its various activities.


August 2010: The first thing you notice when you log on to 'The Truth About Tigers' website is the pertinent question they have placed upfront, “If we cannot save our national animal, what can we save?”

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