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Natural History And The Indian Army

December 2010: Both authors are steeped in the subject and have put together a fairly comprehensive retrospective spanning 225 years of the Indian Army’s association with wildlife and natural history.


The perspectives provided by the like of Lt. Col. R.W Burton (A History of Shikar in India, The Indian Wild Dog, Wildlife Preservation: India’s Vanishing Asset), Lt. Col. S.R. Tickell (On the Hornbills of India and Burmah) and Lt. Gen. R.K. Gaur (Birdwatching and Photography) offer readers great escapes from the dark and dank corridors of conservation and politics. Given the cover price, the production quality could have been better, but no one will quibble with the content.


By J.C. Daniel and Lt. General Baljit Singh (Retd.)
Published by the Bombay Natural History Society & The Oxford University Press,
Large format, 260 colour pages, Price: Rs. 1,200/-


Reviewed by Bittu Sahgal


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