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Natural Resources Conservation Law

December 2010: The author is part of the faculty of the National Law School of India, Bangalore, and is imminently qualified to write a virtual compendium of laws that concern the natural resources of India. Chapters that range from a background on issues surrounding economics of natural resources and environmental justice provide a sort of platform on which legislation can be viewed.


A listing of key statutes, well organised case studies, editorial interpretations and implications of laws makes this a useful book to have around for both lawyers and lay persons seeking to use the courts to defend our vanishing wildernesses, waterways and coasts.


Cogent and well researched, the book states simply that: “... The object of this study has been to probe into the multidimensional problems of environmental pollution and conservation of natural resources with regard to its legal control and judicial attitudes.”


By Sairam Bhat
Published by Sage Publications,
Hard cover, 554 black and white pages, Price not mentioned.


Reviewed by Bittu Sahgal


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