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Tiger, Lord Of The Jungle

October 2010: The authors use text and images to stir us to action to protect the tiger. They ask with some consternation: “Is the tiger on the road to extinction because we aren’t interested in it? Because of a lack of support for its cause? Or a bit of both?”


The book puts down the tiger’s history, its ability to adapt and its tumultuous relationship with humans and concludes with a chapter on its “unwritten future” in which the authors underscore the imperative of balancing long-term ecological and economic needs. With good production values, the book is yet another addition to the growing list of tiger books being published across the globe.


By Alain Pons and Francois Moutou,
Published by Evan Mitchell Books,
Hard cover, 127 pages, full colour, Price not mentioned


Reviewed By Bittu Sahgal


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