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Living Jewels From The Indian Jungle

August 2010: Third in a series of books based on the Bombay Natural History Society’s (BNHS) incredible collection of journals, art and manuscripts, this is a well-produced, carefully-edited book that would be a valuable addition to anyone’s library.


Those who love and appreciate the grandeur of nature must be grateful to the writers, artists, photographers and naturalists who dedicate their lives to documenting the apparently insignificant behaviour and status of obscure animals and plants that the ‘ordinary’ person may never notice, or see, in their entire lives. The work of such people has been selected and reproduced in this volume. More than anything else such publications remind us of a fast-eroding heritage, both living and non-living. Many species lying in the collection of the BNHS, be they stuffed, written about, drawn or painted, are probably extinct. And with the passage of time even the records of their existence are silently succumbing to humidity, mould and sheer age. This is all the more reason we should be grateful to people and organisations with resources, such as the sponsors of this book, IndusInd Bank, who thought fit to shore up the fragile defences of one of our nation’s most dedicated archivists – the Bombay Natural History Society.


Living Jewels From The Indian Jungle

Edited by Ashok S. Kothari and Boman F. Chhapgar
Produced by Marg Publications, Published by the Bombay Natural History Society and Oxford University Press, Hard cover, Full colour, 204 pages, Price: Rs.1,600/-


Reviewed by Bittu Sahgal



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