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The Naturenomics Series

April 2010: The first Naturenomics book, published in 2007, introduced us to a differentiated and alternative approach to economic development, highlighting the relationship between the economy and ecology. This time Ranjit Barthakur, founder of the idea of Naturenomics, has led a team of green thinkers to collectively put together a series of writings to act as guide posts to life in an era of climate change.


Far from the normal corporate-bashing communications that use guilt as a bludgeon to brow beat those “who refuse to listen,” the Naturenomics series works on the assumption that every problem presents opportunities. The content is both thought provoking and strong, involving themes that range from Forests, Carbon and Climate Change to Solutions: Copenhagen and beyond.


Paperback, 163 pages, Not for sale
Nature and Economics: Nurturing Independence: Developing the Naturenomics Model
Land: Energy: Water: Waste: Air: Carbon:



Selected Contents:


* Towards a healthy Planet – the Naturenomics way by Ranjit Barthakur
* Design for a Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman
* The Genuine Progress Indicator 2006 by John Talberth, Clifford Cobb, Noah Slattery
* Forests, Carbon and Climate Change – evaluating the true carbon value of our forests by Ranjit Barthakur, Swati, Arun Prasad and Samir Menon


Paperback, 115 pages, Not for sale
Nature and Economics: Nurturing Independence: Ecological Competitiveness for Economic Stability



Selected Contents:


* Ecological Competitiveness for Economic Sustainability by Ranjit Barthakur
* Eco-restoration through Biodiversity Parks by Vilas Gogate
* Green Sports Events by Surya Ganguly, Swati Gupta and Aditya Kitroo 
* 96 months to save the world by HRH Prince Charles.


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