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This is a valuable addition to the arsenal of those seeking to defang the lethal development machine that is running amok in India.

As correctly pointed out by members of the Environment Support Group (ESG), at a time when India’s manufacturing and infrastructure sectors are expanding, our country should have used the EIA process to “help rationalise the push-pull factors between sustaining development and ecological security.”This publication underscores the fact that this opportunity has been lost thanks to the MoEF’s “zeal to promote itself as a pro-investment Ministry, compromising the very purpose for which it was constituted.”

The financial melt-down that confronts the globe and is sure to soon overwhelm India was a direct result of the failure of its regulatory mechanisms to correct and guide runaway financial skullduggery. Sanctuary endorses the essential postulation contained within the pages of the above book that the Ministry of Environment and Forests in India is the pivot that is going to be held responsible for the failure of the regulatory mechanisms that were put in place in India to prevent an ecological meltdown, which has already begun and whose most visible face is climate change.

Using the poorly-drafted EIA Notification, case studies, campaign letters and exposés of the public hearing process, the publishers have pinned the MoEF to the wall and it will be difficult for it to answer to the many irrefutable accusations against the Ministry.

Would that the publishers had taken more care with simple proof checking and that they had given the manuscript a careful reading before sending it to press – this contribution would have been even more effective. No fewer than 16 errors were discovered by them after printing and are listed in a loose errata sheet that could easily be lost. In all likelihood, more will emerge. Apart from this one technical glitch, the publication is a vital addition to the strength of the environmental movement in India. (BS)

A review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification – 2006
Published by the Environment Support Group, Soft Cover, 184 pages
 Copies available from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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